Friday, October 21, 2011

Parole-In-Place --US Immediate Relatives--Workshop Video Part 2

Parole-In-Place --US Immediate Relatives--Workshop Video Part 1

Since we conducted this workshop we have heard two things of importance:

1. USCIS is not likely to grant parole-in-place to immediate relatives of US citizens unless the I-130 (or I-360 for abuse victims and widows/widowers) has been filed. Note, however, USCIS continues to be sympathetic to specific cases where extreme hardship exists caused by medical issues (handicapped or disabled individuals, special needs children).

2. If USCIS denies the parole-in-place application, it is likely to turn over the name and information about the foreign national to ICE. This means that removal proceedings will likely be filed against you more promptly than if you did not file the parole-in-place application.

Just a caution.

Final Parole-in-Place Workshop

MLSC will host its final Parole-in-Place workshop.  This one is ONLY FOR CNMI Permanent residents (under the old CNMI law) and THEIR immediate relatives, and for those born here of foreign national parents between January 1, 1974 and January 9, 1978.

Workshop starts at 1 PM at American Memorial Park.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Parole-In-Place Workshops

UPDATE: Change of Venue-Rota (see below in red)

REMINDER: We've already held the parole-in-place workshop for IRs of FAS citizens. Those who didn't attend can pick up the folder with forms at our office.

We're having a parole-in-place workshop for IRs of US citizens on Saipan on 10/16 (Sunday) at 1 PM at American Memorial Park. We're also holding similar workshops in Rota and Tinian. (October 13--Rota at Rota Mayor's Office at noon; October 14--Tinian at TES at 3 PM).

Then we'll have a final parole-in-place workshop for CNMI permanent residents and those born between 1974 and 1978 on October 23 at 1 PM at American Memorial Park.

There is no charge for these workshops. However, space is limited and when the auditorium is full, the doors will be closed. Please do not bring minor children to the workshops. Please do not leave minor children unattended in the Park, museum or giftshop.