Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MLSC Board Meets and Treats

The Board of Directors of Micronesian Legal Services Corporation is on Saipan for its biannual meeting. The Honorable Jesus S. (Jesse) Borja gave opening remarks. Jesse worked for MLSC as an intern, as a lawyer, as Deputy Director, and then served on its Board of Directors. He is a former Associate Justice of the CNMI Supreme Court and former CNMI Lieutenant Governor. Now he acts as legal counsel to the Northern Marianas College.

(Back row L to R: Chang William (Kosrae); Danny Ongelungel (Palau); Arno Kony (Chuuk); Michael Ga'an (Yap); Lucia Blanco-Maratita (CNMI). Front row: Jesus S. Borja-guest speaker; Robert Ruecho (Guam); Branson Wase (Marshall Islands).

Some members of the Marianas Office, along with acting Executive Director Benjamin Weber, joined the meeting in the morning.

L-R (front): Jesus S. Borja, Robert Ruecho, Branson Wase; (back): Maria P. Muna, Jane Mack, Chang William, Lolita Nazaire, Arno Kony, Danny Ongelungel; Michael Ga'an, Lucia Blanco-Maratita, Dimitri Varmazis, Acting MLSC Executive Director Benjamin Weber

The Marianas Office staff joined the Board for a luncheon, at which the Board presented Maria Palacios Muna with a plaque for her 40 years of service to MLSC! Maria is a paralegal in the Marianas Office and has been with MLSC since its first year of operations!

We at the Marianas Office are privileged to work with Maria and we joined in the contratulations and thanks for her service.

(L to R: Marianas staff Jane Mack, Lolita Nazaire, Frank Rogopes, Polly Anne Sablan, Maria P. Muna, Dimitri Varmazis, Juanette Sablan, and Marianas Board member Lucia Blanco-Maratita)

Humble as always, Maria expressed surprise at the honor.