Monday, March 14, 2011

Views from MLSC islands

Japan has suffered a terrible earthquake and tsunami. Our sincere condolences to those who are trying to recover and restore a semblance of peace.

I recently traveled to MLSC offices in Majuro and Ebeye (in the Republic of the Marshall Islands) and Pohnpei (in the Federated States of Micronesia). The purpose of my trip was to conduct a follow-up training on using Prime (the Kemp's case management system). Our MLSC tech, Ekeziel (Bong) Robles, handled the heavy work, addressing both hardware and software issues and working late into the night on all islands. My job was to give some simple demonstrations of using the system and then be available to answer questions during a hands-on practicum.

There are no daily flights into and out of the islands, so our time at each place was dictated in large part by the flight schedules. This meant a bit of time in Majuro, very little time in Ebeye, and mostly the weekend and Monday in Pohnpei. The Majuro staff gave up a state holiday in remembrance of nuclear testing victims to attend the training session. The Ebeye staff had the two days of training crammed into a day-and-a-half. The Pohnpei staff came in on Sunday for the bulk of their training.

I had a little time in both Majuro and Pohnpei to take some photos, and got just a tiny glimpse of Ebeye through the lens.

These are not in any particular order...

on the way home--from the Chuuk airport

this plane was grounded and we had a 6 hour "wait"


on the ferry from Kwajalein to Ebeye

views from the ferry arriving at Ebeye

Room at An Roshi hotel

view from the hotel balcony


views from Rita (the northern end of Majuro)

baseball in Laura (the southern end of Majuro)

Bong at Laura park

gate keeper to the end of Laura

Manase and Bong at Laura

Japanese Peace Park

roadside vendor selling kelaguen-style tiny sand-crab meat

an example of the ever-present mural work in Majuro

view from the hotel shore

seating at hotel waterfront

the hotel

the hotel's extension where we stayed

Majuro office staff with Bong

Majuro Office Staff: Bob Katz, Talofou Manase, Roseann, Sunny Beero, Melanie, Wagner Joash, Ben Kilawe


MLSC office in Pohnpei

Another Ben


Edwina and Sal


Ben, Erwine and Bong setting up for training

Bong during the training, dealing with tech issues

Edwina and Susin during training

Pohnpei scenic

at The Village (for lunch)

The Village

Tino, Ben and Bong

view from the airport "departure lounge"