Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Immigration Conference

Micronesian Legal Services Corporation once again hosted a training conference, providing 13 hours of CLE to attorneys in the CNMI. The Conference, which was held on December 8 and 9, 2010, focused on immigration matters, the impact of crimes on admissibility and removal. There were also brief sessions on VAWA, T Visas and U Visas, and the most popular session on ethics.

Joe Hill signs in while Polly Anne and Lolita man the registration table.

Our trainers were Evangeline Abriel from Santa Clara University Law School and Lauren Gilbert from Saint Thomas University Law School. They did an amazing job!

Vangie talks about aggravated felonies.

USCIS Honolulu District Director David Gulick attended some sessions and gave a lunchtime presentation on the 8th.

Lauren walked us through some basics before getting to the more difficult stuff.

We also made available the materials that Vangie and Lauren provided--copies of their power point presentations and sample problems.

Additionally, Vangie brought flashdrives loaded with 2 CLINIC manuals on crimes and removal proceedings and these were distributed to the conference participants. These were a donation! Thanks to CLINIC who allowed the materials to be copied. Thanks to Karen Bernosky at Santa Clara University who arranged the donation. And thanks to Steve Rebliagati, Manuel Valerio and James Chavez of Fry's Electronic's for making this happen. All we can say is THANKS! What great resources these nifty little flashdrives are!

Keen attention!

MLSC staff attorney Dimitri Varmazis.

MLSLC staff attorney Linda (in pink).

In the back--MLSC Deputy Director Ben Weber and support staff.

After the conference--Dimitri, Linda, Vangie, Lauren and Juanette.