Friday, October 21, 2011

Parole-In-Place --US Immediate Relatives--Workshop Video Part 1

Since we conducted this workshop we have heard two things of importance:

1. USCIS is not likely to grant parole-in-place to immediate relatives of US citizens unless the I-130 (or I-360 for abuse victims and widows/widowers) has been filed. Note, however, USCIS continues to be sympathetic to specific cases where extreme hardship exists caused by medical issues (handicapped or disabled individuals, special needs children).

2. If USCIS denies the parole-in-place application, it is likely to turn over the name and information about the foreign national to ICE. This means that removal proceedings will likely be filed against you more promptly than if you did not file the parole-in-place application.

Just a caution.

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Jane said...

UPDATE: USCIS has said it will grant parole in place to December 31, 2012 to all who would be protected by Kilili's bill HR 1466. Yay! This includes immediate relatives and parents of minor US citizens.