Friday, October 21, 2011

Parole-In-Place --US Immediate Relatives--Workshop Video Part 2


Jane said...

Note: mistake re those born in the CNMI between 1/1/1974 and 1/9/1978. There is no written USCIS policy indicating favorable consideration on parole-in-place. However, we have heard that this group would likely get such favorable consideration.

Jane said...

Note: For those who stay in the CNMI (or anywhere in the US) beyond their authorized date, each day accumulates as "bad time." There are consequences if you accumulate too much "bad time." For example, if you overstay by 6 months, you are barred from lawful entry into the US for 3 years; if you overstay for a longer specified period (I forget exactly what: 1 year, I think), you are barred from lawful entry for 10 years.

This means basically that even your US citizen spouse can't petition you and get you in during that barred period of time.

Jane said...

Note: employment. Parole in place is only permission to stay. It is not permission to work. If you get a job, your employer can change your status to CW (or H1B).

If you don't yet have a job, you can apply with the I-765 for an employment authorization document (EAD) which can be granted for the time period of your parole. Filing fee is $380 (and you can apply for a waiver of the fee).