Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MLSC Completes Back-To-School Project SY 2012-2013

The Marianas Office of Micronesian Legal Services Corporation once again conducted its annual Back-To-School Project. Office staff donated money and new school supplies and organized a drive among other legal providers in their annual effort to give needy kids a chance to start school with the items they need to succeed. “We believe that kids will be more enthusiastic about learning if they have the tools they need,” said Jane Mack, the Directing Attorney at the Marianas Office.

Some of the book bags with supplies, ready for distribution.

More backpack, ready to go.
  Many other attorneys and members of the legal community share the desire to help children prepare for their educational experience. “An education is vitally important in being successful in the future,” attorney William Satterberg said. This year, in addition to MLSC staff, donations were given by Richard W. Pierce, William Satterberg, Rexford Kosack, Loren Sutton, Braddock Huesman, Thomas Clifford, Marsha Schultz, Kathryn Delafield, Eileen Escudero, Heather Kennedy, Vicente Salas, Adam Hardwicke, Jennifer Dockter and Suzanne Steffey.

Supplies include a binder, filler paper, folder, notebook, composition book, pencil case with pens, pencils, erasers, sharpener, and then age appropriate add-ons like crayons and rulers.

We included a bottle of water and hand-sanitizer with nearly all bags distributed this year.
 As a result of the generous support, MLSC distributed 76 backpacks with a wide range of supplies in them, and 8 small kits of basic school items. Children were selected as recipients from MLSC client families, referrals by Karidat and other community organizations, and self-referrals (phone inquiries). The donated supplies will help at least some students be prepared as they return to the classroom for SY 12-13.

MLSC paralegal Maria Muna hands out a book bag with supplies to a happy first-grader.

Students showing off their new backpacks.

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