Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Farewell and A Welcome

Our long-time MLSC Board Member representing the CNMI has resigned.  Lucia Blanco-Maratita submitted her resignation from the MLSC Board of Directors by letter dated September 4, 2012.  She wrote:

It has been a pleasure serving and working with such honorable gentlemen on the Board for the past ten years. I know that this Board truly has its clients' best interests at heart and takes their responsibilities to both clients and staff very seriously.  I have no doubt it will continue to always remain focused on them. I will definitely miss the camaraderie and collegiate respect that my fellow members have given to me and to each other.
MLSC will miss Lucy, who has been such a great friend to all of MLSC, but especially to the Marianas Office.

MLSC took the opportunity of a recent CNMI Bar Association meeting to present Lucy with a plaque of appreciation.  Jane Mack, Directing Attorney of the Marianas Office, presented the plaque of appreciation resolved by the MLSC Board. MLSC's Acting Executive Director Ben Weber and Marianas Office staff attorneys Dimitri Varmazis and Linda Wingenbach also joined in the presentation.

Ben Weber, Lucia Blanco-Maratita, Lillian Ada Tenorio, Linda Wingenbach (partially hidden), Jane Mack and Dimitri Varmazis.
CNMI Bar Association President Sean Frink named Lillian Ada Tenorio as Lucy's successor. Lillian will represent the CNMI on the MLSC Board of Directors.  MLSC thanked her for accepting the position and welcomed her to her new duties.

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