Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MLSC's 2011 Back-to-School Project--A Success!

The 2011 Back-To-School Project sponsored by Micronesian Legal Services Corporation wrapped up another successful year. MLSC provides a means for attorneys and others to contribute in-cash or in-kind for school supplies for needy children. There is a direct pass-through of all donations. The recipient children come from many of the families that MLSC serves for their legal problems and others referred to the organization from community members.

This year, MLSC distributed 79 backpacks with supplies inside, including a binder, filler paper, notebook composition book, pencil bag with pens, pencils and erasers and additional items like crayons and glue for elementary students, graph paper and compass-protractor sets for middle school students, and white paper and correction tape for high school students.

Donations to the project came from more than two dozen members of the Bar Association and staff, Congressman “Kilili” Sablan and his staff, and Mount Carmel High School’s National Honor Society, which conducted an in-school drive to help collect supplies.

“We know that we alone cannot fill the need that exists,” said Jane Mack, Marianas Office Directing Attorney. “We’re glad to see other similar projects in the community, and we’re proud to be helping in our own way.” The MLSC Back-to-School Project evolved from a personal project of the Marianas Office Directing Attorney in the 1980's, then was adopted by the entire office who wanted to help in the 1990's and eventually expanded when other attorneys in the community also joined the effort. The project has reached out consistently to approximately 75 students each year for the past five years.

Thank you to everyone who helped!

(all photos of recipient children posted with parental permission)

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